So you must want to know a little more about me since you clicked here, huh? Well I guess I will enlighten you then!

Well I was born and raised in the middle of central Pennsylvania. Bedford County, to be exact. I grew up in a small town with one blinking light and a handful of stop signs. It wasn’t the fanciest or busiest town, but it was home, and it was good. It still is good whenever I visit my family for a free meal or two. 😉 I wouldn’t have preferred it any other way. The country is where it’s at! Forget all those steel, cold buildings!

After highschool I attended Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA and received a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Media Communications. That’s a fancy way of saying audio and video. While at college I started my first YouTube channel, TGameNTech. At the time I thought my channel would always be about gaming and tech…ha…man was I wrong! A little after that I started my gaming channel PlayerSelectGaming. So I had plenty to keep me busy while at school. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated, and therein lies a problem when you have bills to pay! So after a lot of thinking and praying I took the advice of some mentors and created my own business, Re:Media Designs. It’s heavy focus is web design but I have done some photography and video work for people as well. Every now and then I get to design a few posters for a few things around town. I know I wasn’t the best when I first started my business so if you manage to find any of my eary work, don’t criticize too hard. 😉

Let’s fast forward to today. I still manage both Tyler Miller (TGameNTech) and PlayerSelectGaming and I also added a vlog channel tysomm into the mix of it all! I’m married to the beautiful Sommer Miller and I am working at a manufacturing plant in the office in the marketing and sales department. It’s not the optimal circumstance, because I’m trying to do a bajillion things at a time, but if it all works out, I will be running my business/YouTube stuff full time and can do some of this other work on the side. Life is a journey. I could have never guessed it would turn out the way it has so far! With my Faith in God, my wife, my family, and my friends beside me, it makes it all worth while and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!…okay, maybe one thing. I would have started YouTube a LOT earlier than when I did to get a head start on everyone else. 😉

If you want to know more feel free to contact me through any of the social links below! For all business inquiries, please use the contact form on this site! Talk to you soon!

Tyler Miller | Main Channel
PlayerSelectGaming | Gaming Channel
tysomm | Vlog Channel